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About our silicone

How the silicone reinvents the kitchen

The silicone has become a must-have in our kitchens and comes in multiple types of accessories, e.g. pot holders, molds or steamers. Conscious of its qualities and numerous possible uses when it comes to cooking, Charles Viancin went even further by creating innovative and fun and functional silicone accessories, e.g. hermetic lids and overboil rings. Charles Viancin kitchenware accessories, available in stunning colors and shapes, combine both functionality and continually renewed designs! Flagship of the Charles Viancin collections, the silicone lid is used not only to protect, isolate or cover your food, but it also enhances dishes, bowls and ramekins and plays with various materials like the warm wood, transparent glass, shiny steel or bright china. Our silicone lids come in shape of poppy flowers, daisy flowers, banana leaves, petunias, dahlias, hibiscus, grape leaves or butterflies. Round or rectangular, available in several dimensions and in a wide variety of colors, it works well with all your dishes. The suction effect by a simple pressure on the button located in the center makes it 100% airtight. It withstands extreme temperatures (+220°C/+428°F - -40°C/°F) and can be used in ovens and microwaves. It is dishwasher safe. It avoids spatters and projections and preserves food flavors better and longer. It is eco-friendly and allows you to save on aluminum foil and plastic wrap.

How is Charles Viancin silicone made?

You will find on our blog the whole process of manufacturing our high standard food grade silicone. The sand, main raw material used to produce silicone, is first heated in the oven at 1700°C/3092°F. it is then blended with natural polymers to obtain the silicone that we all know. The silicone is then pressed or injected into molds to get the famous Charles Viancin designs. For the final touch, products are sanded and polished. To be totally cleansed of impurities, products are then stewed in the oven for a few hours. Ultimate stage: every single product goes through our testing process before packing. Discover the process in images on our blog.

Food grade silicone: popular beliefs

If silicone kitchen accessories have been popular for a long time thanks to their flexibility and practicality, people always wondered if food grade silicone products would respect high safety standards. The silicone produced by Charles Viancin Group is guaranteed BPA free and respects LFGB standards. Thanks to its natural component that is sand, it does not produce smells nor harmful particles even at extreme temperatures. Resistant and flexible, Charles Viancin silicone accessories guarantee a healthy cooking and an optimal preservation of your food in the refrigerator. And cherry on top: they are easy maintenance and dishwasher safe.

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