Terms and Conditions

  1. Maison Viancin USA Inc. is the worldwide distributor of Charles Viancin Brand.
  2. APPOINTMENT: By the acceptance of purchase order by the MV USA Inc., MV USA Inc. appoints Purchaser and Purchaser accepts appointment as a retailer of Charles Viancin products and Purchaser will be subject to the terms and conditions as stated herein. Purchaser agrees it shall sell Charles Viancin products only at retail, only to retail consumers.  Purchaser shall not sell or transfer any products for export from the United States and shall not sell or transfer any Charles Viancin products to other retailers, distributors or individuals for resale in the United States or elsewhere.  No exclusive rights are conferred by this agreement.
  3. Submission of this application does not guarantee account approval. Unauthorized Purchaser activity may result in the immediate cancellation of pending and/or future orders. MV USA Inc. reserves the right to accept or reject any order, in whole or in part, for any reason or for no reason, with or without advance notice.  Furthermore, accepting an order or orders, in whole or in part, does not mean that MV Inc. USA will necessarily accept any future order from the same or any other purchaser. As a general rule MV USA Inc. is inclined not to sell any MV USA Inc. products to any retailer /purchaser that advertises any Charles Viancin product for sale at less than two times our wholesale price. MV USA Inc. strictly enforces MAP pricing policy.  MAP is equal to Suggested Retail Price which is double the wholesale cost.  MV USA Inc. generally will not be concerned if a purchaser applies a discount to one of our products that is generally available with respect to other products sold by that Purchaser with prior approval from MV USA Inc. We further note that even if MV USA Inc. sells products to a purchaser after that purchaser has advertised or sold Charles Viancin products for less than two times our wholesale price, MV USA Inc. reserves the right to reject, in whole or in part, any order from that or any other Purchaser which advertises or sells MV USA Inc. products for less than two times our wholesale price.
  4. Case packs cannot be broken.
  5. Purchaser agrees to provide at least thirty (30) days prior written notice to MV USA Inc. of any sale or transfer of all or substantially all of the stock or assets of Purchaser’s business if account is set up on Net 30 terms. If Purchaser fails to provide such notice, Purchaser shall remain fully liable for payment of any merchandise received by Purchaser or any transferee.
  6. Purchaser agrees that its remedies for substandard or nonconforming merchandise are limited exclusively to return of the merchandise for a refund of the purchase price or the replacement of such merchandise with merchandise of same or similar quality of that originally ordered.
  7. Purchaser agrees that all uses of Charles Viancin products on a website or through any other electronic medium must be approved by MV USA Inc. in writing. MV USA Inc. reserves the right to deny selling product to Purchaser if website or any other electronic medium used does not conform with Maison Viancin USA Inc. standards. The selling or marketing of Charles Viancin products is PROHIBITED on any online auction sites, community sites or sale sites including without limitation EBAY and CRAIG’S LIST. This provision does not apply to a genuine end consumer who purchases or receives a gift of Charles Viancin products and later sells these products online through an auction site. For any Purchaser permitted by MV USA Inc. to sell online, Purchaser agrees not to engage in any paid search using the Charles Viancin brand, including without limitation Google Adwords. Purchaser also agrees to suppress Charles Viancin product from its Product Listing Ad (PLA) feed. If the Purchaser engages in any of these prohibited online activities, MV USA Inc. may recover costs and reasonable attorney’s fees from the Purchaser in connection with MV USA Inc.’s efforts to stop and prevent such activities. Effective January 2022, MV USA Inc. will cease to fulfill orders intended for Amazon unless pre-approved in writing by MV USA Inc.
  8. MV USA Inc. prohibits the use of its images, graphics, or registered trademark for promotional purposes without express written consent from MV USA Inc.
  9. A valid up-to-date credit card must be provided with the order. If a credit card is declined and a new card is not provided within 10 business days of submission, the order will be canceled.