Why BPA-Free silicone?

CHARLES VIANCIN ® products are manufactured using BPA-Free Silicone. Non-toxic and highly durable, silicone can be used over and over again, reducing environmental impact and contributing to keep our planet safe. Resistant and arguably more eco-friendly than its plastic counterparts, silicone can undergo extreme fluctuations in temperatures without melting, cracking or degrading, and is extremely easy to clean.



Inspired by Nature

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"Much better than expected, beautifully designed and work just as described. The lily pad details and tiny frog are especially wonderful. Great color too."

Robin P

"We love these covers for cooking and leftovers. Environmentally conscience as we no longer need to use foil or plastic wrap to cover glass bowls. Also great for covering pan when cooking on the stove or microwave. I highly recommend these. I already bought the extra large one."

Maribeth Helen

"Besides being so adorable, this lid actually works, suction’s onto your bowl and voila no air gets in, foods lasts longest and stays fresher. Bonus no more plastic wrap, saving money and helping environment."

Mariola D.